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Stay in Tune

Jazz & Blues

Odakule | Istanbul



Project Scale

1|100 1|50 1|20


Ufuk Sezgen | Imre Hadi

Nihal Bursali | Semra Horuz


In this project we were supposed to create an atmosphere about our selected topic, for me it was music. I focused on jazz & blues and my building was Odakule located at the center of İstiklal Street. I tried to highlight the building for its cultural value and make it a seamless part of the vibrant street. It is the heart of jazz & blues in Istanbul. The hotel welcomes people of all kinds to meet under their passion for music; learn the spirit of jazz, meet their favorite musicians, buy a personalized instrument, join swing classes, and simply relax enjoying some blues. The spirit of the jazz & blues music also includes cocktail tasting...




The passage level is the most common area in the hotel. There are several entrances which leads people to the showiest areas. The passage is actually divided into two parts, but the facade of the passage can be opened up to the street from different sides. Also, there is a dessert bar which serves people cocktail, coffee, and dessert. The passage includes music hubs to support street musicians, where people can sit and enjoy the music. Both sides of the building can become a part of the street with outdoor furniture. 


There is a core which includes the elevators, I created two other cores next to the real one. conceptually combine function, gallery space, 

and vertical circulation.


The terrace is a part of the street. People can reach the terrace via the stairs surrounding the building. The outdoor stage is at Istiklal side, so people walking by can hear the music. The greenery at the Meşrutiyet side has the Golden Horn view. People can lay down, enjoy the view, drink their cocktails, or even do yoga. 


At +1 level, there are rehearsal, and instrument making areas. This level can also be used as the hotel lounge. The rehearsal areas are surrounded by book and record libraries. If the band is willing, they can open the doors for all to listen.



There are four types of rooms, single bed, double bed, penthouse, and double-deckers for youngsters. They can divide the prize, also if they are a band they can stay together and practice whenever they want. Double-decker rooms have a common space to keep the young socially active. The penthouses are for musicians and their bands, therefore they can stay on the same level. Also, the common spaces include a kitchen, so they can meet or communicate during their visit.

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