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Sacred Box

Space & Density

Sultanahmet | Istanbul



Project Scale



Ufuk Sezgen | Imre Hadi

Itır Saran | Hilal Menlioglu


In this project, we have to find a space and display our interpretation of the meaning of sacred. This building is literally rooted in Sultanahmet with a tree in the center  A tree in a column forest means a lot; like the vitality of all human beings, the patience to see the light. just like the loneliness, we feel even when we are surrounded by people. the mood variabilities inside us. This project claims to make people feel the emptiness with the entrance, a place where all the planes are the same material. Then, a lonely tree surrounded by metal and concrete columns as of an industrial structure. You can access the terrace through a metal ramp. The only thing you see at the terrace is the single tree reaching out to its freedom. In this place, everything is designed to emphasize the tree which is the center of all.




The building is located in Sultanahmet with a naturally grown tree in its center. The design can be considered in two parts. The first one is the entrance and connection to the street. I directed people into the building through a stair and a slope. The stairs will make the slope narrower while people are walking and they will be automatically directed to the entrance. From the outside, people passing by can only see the OSB planes with the grid that I designed. The atmosphere inside is designed to be silent and peaceful to make people feel relaxed. The second part is a reflection of the man-made. I added more columns beside the existing ones to create a concrete jungle. The pre-existing columns are reinforced with concrete, and the new ones are covered with metal. The tree

inside is left lonely among all the concrete and metal, representing nature’s endurance. People can go up to the terrace via a metal path. The roof is divided into three parts covered in metal. The sunlight will enter through the gaps and will reflect on the metal columns. At the end of the path, the terrace, people will see the historical peninsula view.

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