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Children Clinic

Bilsar Building

Tunel | Istanbul



Project Scale

1|50 1|20


Ufuk Sezgen | Imre Hadi

Itır Saran | Hilal Menlioglu


Bilsar Building is situated in Tünel, part of Beyoğlu. The building is the meeting point of Tünel, Galata and Golden Horn. Due to foreign schools and residential areas, there is a variety of cultures. While Hide & Sick was designed on Bilsar Building’s property, the child's dynamic structure, the development process which continues and the continuous development process with its high pace have been taken into account. The creation of niches for children in this building is the result of the settlement between the columns in a way adaptable. It has also been supported by gallery spaces, which can also prevent visual communication. The development process of the child’s perception is supported by different textures and transitions. To strengthen the dynamic and interactive environment, different levels and larger niches are designed which leads to creating conference areas and places where children can socialize with each other.  




The ground floor is the most interactive place. Kids can socialize, learn to share and enjoy some baked goods. The main idea is to make them feel safe around doctors and hospitals. The stairs are for parents who want to keep an eye on their children. There is greenery which is a buffer area within the emergency area and the clinic.  


The treatment area is designed as an open plan so that a kid afraid of the doctors can see his/her peers and relax. Thanks to the gallery spaces, the sounds can also grab children’s attention. The patients’ floor is for two sick kids and their companion-parent. On this floor, there is a children’s hub to allow them to play with each other and entertain themselves. They can also see through to the other levels without the chance of contamination.



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