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Glassware Shop

Syria Passage | Istanbul



Project Scale

1|50 1|20


Ufuk Sezgen | Imre Hadi

Itır Saran | Hilal Menlioglu


In this project, we had a specific objective for a building located on Istiklal Street. For me, it was glassware products and Syria Passage. The products should be very extensive and they have to reconcile all kind of people. This building is a living heart of Istiklal, giving much importance to the relation it's with the people passing by. There are products for preparation, cooking, service and after service. Inside there is a Healthy Spot and a workshop area that can be used by 6+1 people. Circulation and visual communication are provided by the gallery spaces. All levels are identified by specific colors. 




The entrance level should be aligned with the street so that the health bar can serve to people passing on the Istiklal street. The building’s boundaries are used for display. At the health bar, people can drink juices and shop around. Workshop can also be seen from this level to grab the attention of the customers. As they are shopping, they can taste

and learn about the workshop products. At the workshop area, there is a cellar and a greenery area for use during cooking. 


The basement level is for cooking and preparing the products for retail. There is a knife wall for chefs, pan and pot hangers and so on. At this level, there is a big depot for products coming through the service entrance at the ground level. 


The third level is for products for food service, cutlery, and table preparation. People can find table cloths, plates, forks etc. The floor covering I designed has a dynamic texture, expressing the atmosphere in the retail shop. Every level except this consists of a specific combination of color, steel, and wood display units, and parquet floor covering. However, on this level, the floor is ceramic with a more pastel tone than on other levels. 

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