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Furniture Design

Group of 4 | Individual



Project Scale



Ufuk Sezgen | Imre Hadi

Itır Saran | Hilal Menlioglu


Sway is a never-ending sitting bench made of CNC cut from plywood, which is aligned and then bound by stem bars. The meronomy of the bank allows the expansion of the bank on both x and y axes. The design’s curvature was completed on the computer according to the preferred height and width for sitting surfaces. The arches were divided into segments to place them on the plywood plates for CNC cut. Only the front and the back components are monoblock pieces, the other components are glued on. Once the whole form is complete, all components are calibrated, smoothed with sandpaper, and polished. After polishing, they are drilled for aligning and binding with stem bars.


Finger is a multi-layered lamp, which creates a shady atmosphere. The layers bend in a unique 

way to change their form. It is made of birch plywood and painted with heat-protected black paint. There are hidden gaps for LED lights.  The bindings between the layers are plexy, and black wooden bars. For high-quality illumination, the layers are designed close to each other.   



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