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One of a Kind

Haldun & Megi Dostoglu

Balat | Istanbul



Project Scale

1|50 1|20


Ufuk Sezgen | Aslı Baysan | Semra Horuz


The aim of the projects is to create a special design for Dostoğlu family. They are the owner of the Gallery Nev in Beyoğlu and moreover, Mr. Dostoğlu is an art director, curator, architect. For their habits, sometimes privacy is the most important thing, but they should be able to connect with the neighborhood. Sound isolation would be important because of their hobbies. They want a cozy atmosphere to live in; the user should create the lifestyle. The building in Balat has some opportunities for Mr. & Mrs. Dostoğlu; like the entering sunlight, variability in social life and the clean sight of Haliç.




The open-plan kitchen is on the mid-level, completely hidden inside the cabinets. Mr. Dostoglu wanted a big dinner table for hosting his friends. The top level is a living space designed for relaxation and reading. The cedar system creates a cosy atmosphere of a home.


At the section AA, the most important element is the vertical circulation. The circulation runs on a single line across the whole building. Because of the safety rail, this side of the building is moreplain than the other section. The connection between the levels depends on the section BB and the structure I designed. 


The workspace has to be cozy, as Mr.Dostoglu also wanted a large TV to watch football with his friends. 

There is also a small garden for relaxation and barbeque nights. This floor is the living space of the cats too, they need to be separated from the other levels, but free to go outside for a walk. Mr. Dostoglu has a musical instrument collection, he wanted a silent space which won’t disturb the neighbors.


The structure is designed per the requirements for each level. Mr. Dostoglu wanted to feel the old atmosphere of Balat, supported with the brick texture in design. Because of his job, he wanted plain surfaces to display his collection. The back side of the building has light problems because of the narrow building settlement so that part of the building should have wider levels.   


Mrs. Dostoglu has a large social circle, and she wanted a place for them to feel warm and comfortable, provided by the fireplace at the heart of the space. For the family, it is crucial to have a peaceful couple-time, having a few drinks while reading before dinners, directing the bedroom design. The bedroom is designed by their needs. The wardrobe is a whole block which contains the clothes and dresser. They wanted to have easy access to their books before sleeping so the bedhead contains all. The front of the roof has an oblique window system. As they wanted to see the sunlight when they woke up, the front façade of the roof has an oblique window system. 

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