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Bed & Bread


Sile | Istanbul



Project Scale



Ufuk Sezgen | Aslı Baysan | Semra Horuz


In this project, I have designed a mobile unit for one person to sleep in, where they can also make and sell bread, even give workshops on baking. A must of this project is to design the unit with stone, a quite heavy material. Tatu is inspired by an armadillo and its multi-layered shell. It is a 4.5m2 unit containing a bed, a kitchenette, a stove, a toilet, and a showerhead. It serves the very basic needs of one person. The gaps between the shells’ layers are for ventilation and light input. The front part is for workshops and selling bread.




A motorcycle can pull this mobile unit from the front side. Whenever the motorcycle is off, workshops can be given at the front space. Also, there is a stove for people to bake their bread during the workshops. The owner can sell bread here just like a counter. Inside of this mobile unit, there is a bed, a small kitchen with a sink and niches to place glasses, plates, forks, and knives. At the back of the unit, there is a hidden toilet. If the owner is going to use it, he/she has to pull it for hygiene reasons. The

gaps between the shell will let the sunlight get in, and can be opened up for ventilation. 

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