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UAL | Chelsea College of Arts

MA Interior and Spatial Design

Thesis Project



Amritt Flora | Anna Baranowska


We live in a modern age where we caught up in our daily lives and stop enjoying the environment around us. Technology and daily rushes are alienating us from experiencing, enjoying and learning new information. This paper seeks to answer the question:


How can embodied spaces encourage people to engage with the existing surroundings in different ways and make them observe the atmospheric qualities of the space whilst re-defining their idea on the use of a space ?


The study focuses on human psychology and perception, observations on the actions of people and the importance of senses, specifically vision and touch. It is aimed to create a relationship between the spaces and elements we use every single day, the human body we live in and the mind that is able to create every product of imagination.


The main goal of this paper is to answer the question through experimentations and analyses while creating a design that will draw back attention to the elements around us, highlighting the exiting surroundings and changing the encapsulating atmosphere in order to encourage people to perceive and interact with them in diverse ways.


We are surrounded by many stories, if we stop for a while and look around, these elements will attract our attention. The design is creating a ‘treasure trail’ throughout the street, encouraging people to observe, understand and experience these elements. It is hoped this study will be effective to encourage people to enjoy their surroundings and to grasp every moment using their senses.

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