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2016 Summer

London Calling

Group of 3

NABA & Glion Institute Collaboration



Olga Kravchenko


In this short project, we challenged a problem with a coffee shop and came up with a solution. We decided to make the coffee shop more personalized for each customer, so the idea of making a memory is followed. The design aims to bring people together, creating a fun atmosphere Also people should see their memory so the wall idea came up. For people to share and see their good memories, we decided to design a wall. We were a group consisting of an interior designer, an architect, and a product designer. So; our work is combining design and development. It contains design, functionality, relations of product and interior design. The wall’s shape is designed as curvy lines between positive and negative points in order to create an organic form. The table is designed to bring people together with no separations, a six-meter-long table with a paper on it. There is a clean paper roll on one side of the table to stamp and another roll on the opposite side to collect the stamped paper. Crayons were used as a colouring element. The aim is to melt crayons with the heat from the coffee. To make the melting process easier, we designed our mugs from metal and wood. The metal part conducts the heat to the crayons and the melting crayons leave marks on the paper.    




We designed our coffee shop from head to toe, considering every detail. Starting with the mug, the outside was designed to be ergonomically suitable for the hand’s form. The material of this part is wood to block the heat. The interior part of the mug is steel, a good conductor of heat. Colorful crayons are placed under the mug, in the indents shaped like an X, a circle, a square or a triangle. There is will be a laser-burned brand logo on the wooden part. 



The six-meter long table takes up a large space to get people together, communicating whilst having their coffee. There is a large roll of blank paper for the mugs to stamp.  Everybody can try to create something new with the given forms. The papers will be collected when the roll is finished.



The coffee shop is shaped as a simple rectangle, with only a desk and a table inside. People can grab their coffees from the desk and drink them while standing around the table. There is an organic formed wall, which will be covered with the stamped paper. People can visit the shop anytime to see their designs, or for a cup of coffee.

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