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Group of 10

Bilgi University | Istanbul



Project Scale



Faculty Tutors


L’Herisson stands for “hedgehog” in French. The name comes from the structure’s form and shape, created by combining aluminum profiles. The form we gave to l’Herisson is just like the Fibonacci rules suggest, circling and growing outwards from a focal center L’Herisson was put on soil and grass, near trees and bushes, in connection with the earth. L’Herisson is placed in a simple and natural environment to showcase its beauty clearly. The triangular structures we used helped to form L’Herisson; and to make it stable and durable, sailors hammock was used. Sailors hammock was mounted on top of the pyramids formed by the aluminum profiles, then stretched and tensed to its limit. L’Herisson is the incarnation of Fibonacci’s natural and artistic beauty.


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