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Spatial CV

Negative to Positive

Taksim Square | Istanbul



Project Scale



Ufuk Sezgen | Imre Hadi

Itır Saran | Hilal Menlioglu



In this project, we tried to express what our spatial conscious contains, as well as expressing the factors that may affect, disturb or inspire, our spatial CV. This project is called ‘I wanna love you’ because it endears itself to visitors despite its certain features that may disturb people. The ground level is 2.5m above the building’s floor, which is covered in metal to create sounds when stepped on.  There is a visible solid-void relation that relaxes the observer. Also according to the sunrise and sunset, the amount of light and its falling angles vary. The project is located in the busy Taksim Square as it will surprise people with the authentic and tranquilizing atmosphere. While you are evaluating this project, you’re welcome to listen to the song Creeper by the Acid.




I wanna love you is a metal and concrete based project. The huge walls at the entrance will make you feel small. The metal floor covering will disturb you with the sound echo because of the 2.5 m 

height above the basement. As the sun rises or sets, there will be light games due to the huge walls and the metal stripes. Whenever you’re alone in this building your steps will be the only sound, and when you stop, you will hear the silent echoes of Taksim Square.

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